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Kaushalya Academy, with a modern outlook and an inclination to the contemporary methodology of teaching, has embarked on a journey with a belief of empowering its students with holistic knowledge. We take pride in the fact that we are from Chhattisgarh and understand the essence of quality professional education here.
Ask us about the talent in the state and we will be quick to pounce on the actuality that there has never been a dearth of it. Since many years, Chhattisgarh has been a witness to brain-drain as most of the aspiring engineering and medical aspirants look for a quality coaching center out of the state. We don’t blame them for this though. With competition piling up, they have to find a place where their skills are nurtured and given genuine assistance and encouragement. In comes Kaushalya Academy where our endeavour is to provide one-stop solution for an all-inclusive preparation of competitive exam for medical and engineering aspirants of Chhattisgarh. Now our students need not flock to other states in a desire to seek quality Coaching. Our institute is constituted with an intention to answer all your need of premium education instilled with integrity where teaching is not a mere profession but an approach that solidifies a students.


Our mission is to embark an advanced approach of providing quality education and creating a safe and secure learning environment for students. Our pursuit is to provide wisdom and guidance to students to excel in their academic aspirations. It is our assurance that we will strengthen intellectual abilities of students and prepare them to face future with confidence.


Determination for excellence.
Resolution to provide finest learning benchmark.
We embrace diversity and inclusion.
We depict integrity, honesty and ethics.
We teach as well as nurture.
We focus on teamwork and interactive learning.
We cultivate passion.
We ensure maximum efficiency of students and staff.


Kaushalya Academy is driven to provide unparalleled and unique teaching experience suiting the evolving needs of educational system, with a focus on comprehensive development of students.

Directors’ Message

Dr. Akash Jaiswal - Director - Kaushalya Academy

Dr. Akash Jaiswal

I am glad to have you on board and I and my entire team is honoured to have you with us.

‘Every child is a seed which has the potential to grow if nourished under the right guidance’
And as an institution we are willing to render one, By providing theoretical as well as digital learning, strategies to solve objectives and time management.

Our focus is to build cognizance among students regarding their own potential and make them aware of their skills so that they perform the best in competitive exams with confidence. We realise that for the growth of a child, it is Paramount to give them the best and positive environment conducive to learning and encourage children to achieve their goals through strong foundation of knowledge and evolving them emotionally and intellectually. In addition to this we have come up with motivational session primarily focused on addressing and resolving underlying emotional issues suffered by children due to stress of examinations. Through this we are not only ensuring maximum success in the competitive exam but preparing the child to face future with a strong and positive mental attitude.

Our determination is to prepare future human capital of the country who will prove instrumental in taking our county to great heights and contribute to nation’s progress by leaps and bounds.

To serve the growing need for quality education and upkeep with today’s methodology of teaching, we have assembled a pool of professionals, each equally talented and renowned in their fields to take students on a road to achievement. Our faculty is a set of open minded experts who believe in honest and open interaction with the parents to learn the exact need of student and guide accordingly. It will be highly appreciated if you come up with recommendations for the betterment of our institute and have sincere discussion with us to serve you better.

I hope that our institute becomes the water for your saplings who are willing to be trees and it is my guarantee that we will be there each day till they become perfect fruit bearing trees. I look forward to work together and satisfy you with wonderful experience that you are looking for in the field of education.

Ms. Shalini Mishra - Director - Kaushalya Academy

Ms. Shalini Mishra

My heartiest welcome goes to you. I on behalf of my entire team are delighted to have you with us on a journey so remarkable which will be transformative for you as parents and for us as mentors. It is our pride that you chose to be associated with us and we assure you of a positive transition in your child.

Our institute has been formed with a purpose to deliver superior quality preparation for the most challenging yet rewarding competitive exams of our country. In order to train the students to face the competitive exams in today’s cut throat competition, we are also concerned with equipping them emotionally and mentally so that the they are ready to take on challenges with grit and determination. Our advanced learning system is based on the new curriculum and is totally high tech to make it easy for students to participate in learning process. We have come up with such positive reforms to provide education that it will be easily accessible for students and prove to be convenient in their whole journey of preparation. We are bound to serve you in a way to ensure utmost success through continuous cooperation and participative learning.

Being an Educational institution, we do realise that we are preparing future generations of our country who will in coming years shoulder the responsibilities of making India a prosperous and developed nation. We are sure that students mentored by our approach will bring pride to our nation and go on to become successful engineers and doctors who will contribute immensely in research and development in their respective fields.

We bring to you a team having rich experience in the field of medicine and engineering who will take care of every students needs with patience and perseverance.

In an effort to know the requirements of every child, we strongly support the involvement of and coordination with parents. We believe in open communication and discussion and welcome any suggestion and feedback to evolve ourselves in more advanced ways to serve you the best as per your needs.

I wish to have conducive and long lasting relationship with you all. I hope you have a wonderful experience and allow us to be stepping stone for the better future of your child.

Ms. Shalini Mishra - Director - Kaushalya Academy


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